October 2017 London trip

In October 2017, a group of 50 students from Tles SSI / STI2D and 1ères SSI / STI2D visited sites in connection with sustainability and engineering in and around London.

After a long coach ride, , they walked at the foot of the  City’s hi-tech buildings before spending the afternoon in the Science Museum.

On the second day, they discovered the Thames Barrier and renovated Wembley Stadium.

On the next day, they went to Norfolk to visit the Lotus Car factory after a short call in Cambridge.

On the last day there, they visited the Siemens Cristal building showcasing advances related to sustainable development. In the afternoon a cruise on the River Thames from Greenwhich Pier to Westminster allowed the students to see the main London buildings along the river before a ride on the London Eye and a new vision of London.

After a last walk in Oxford Street, they rode back home.

The teachers plan to organise the same trip with the future Tles SSI and STI2D in October 2019.

MR Boudie, Mr Bouyssou